Discussion: Osteoporosis Result

Discussion: Osteoporosis Result

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11. In the image

12. Osteoporosis result from which of the followings?

a. A decline of osteoblast activity while osteoclast activity continues at expected levels
b. A decline of osteoclast activity while osteoblast activity continues at expected levels
c. An increase in osteocyte activity while osteoblast activity continues at expected levels
d. An increase in osteocyte activity while osteoclast activity continues at expected levels

13. Which of the following occurs in the cardiac cycle if the impulse triggered at the sinoatrial node never close?
a. Diastole will shorten in duration
b. The ventricles will not contract
c. There will be an absence of systole
d. The atria will not contract.

14. Which of the following structures is found in all cells?
a. Cell wall
b. Mitochondria
c. Nucleus
d. Plasma membrane

15. Which of the following types of cell stimulates other immune cells to attack and destroy?
a. Helper T-cells
b. Plasma cells
c. Cytotoxic T-cell
d. Natural killer cells

16. The process known as gastrulation results in the formation of which of the following
a. Germinal layers
b. Neural crest
c. Coelomic cavities
d. Circulatory systems

17. Which of the followings molecules must undergo replication before cell division can occur?
a. ATP
b. ADP
c. DNA
d. RNA

18. Which of the following structures carriers blood away from the heart?
a. Ventricles
b. Arteries
c. Capillaries
d. Veins

19. Which of the following demonstrates condensation?
a. Dew drops from on a leaf
b. A water puddle dries up.
c. Water convert to steam
d. Ice form on a pond

20. Of pathogens by phagocytes are nonspecific cell
a. Antibody- mediated immunity
b. The internal aspect of adaptive immune system
c. The internal aspect of the innate immune system
d. Passive immunity

21. Which of the following unit is used to indicate mass?
a. Cm3
b. Um
c. Mg
d. mL

22. Which of the following demonstrate a chemical reaction of water?
a. Water boils to produce steam at 100 C (212 F)
b. Water produces gas with sodium metal
c. Water and oil separate when combined
d. Water dissolves sugar

23. In the experiment, students put brine shrimp in water with different concentration of salt and counted the number.
Which of the following changes to the experiment will increase confidence in the validity of the result?

a. Count the number of dead brine shrimp instead of living brine shrimp
b. Add more brine shrimp to the water with the highest salt concentration
c. Repeat the experiment several times, and calculate the average number of brine shrimp
d. Reduce the length of the experiment from 24 hours to 8 hours.

24. Where is the information stored in DNA?
a. Deoxyribose sugars
b. Phosphodiester bonds
c. Phosphate groups
d. Nitrogenous bases

25. In the intestine by which of the following?

a. Pancreatic secretions
b. Brush- border enzymes
c. Gastric juice
d. Mucus production

26. In which of the following locations does the development of blood call take place?
a. Bone Marrow
b. Spongy bone
c. Endosteum
d. Periosteum

27. The component of an atom that possesses relatively little mass, thus being negligible in calculating the atom

a. Proton
b. Neuron
c. Electron
d. Quart.

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