Discussion: Chemical Properties

Discussion: Chemical Properties

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28. S and O are in the same periodic group and share chemical properties, but H2S is a gas at room temperature, following is the main reason for this?

a. H2S has stronger ionic bonds than H2O
b. H2S has stronger intramolecular bonds than H2O
c. H2O has stronger ionic bonds than H2S
d. H2O has stronger intramolecular bonds than H2S

29. Which of the following reasons explains why it is important for new scientific findings to be published?
a. Scientists will get paid if their findings are published
b. Other scientists can validate or disprove the findings
c. Publishing findings will help scientists become more biased
d. This prevent other scientists from performing similar test.

30. Which of the following organ system filter fluids?
a. Gallbladder
b. Kidney
c. Spleen
d. stomach
31. the exchange of nutrients between tissues and blood primary occurs in which of the following locations?
a. Capillaries
b. Veins
c. Arterioles
d. Aorta

32. The process by which gametes combine to form a zygote is called which of the following?
a. Parthenogenesis
b. Mitosis
c. Meiosis
d. Fertilization

33. Which of the following cellular processes produces gametes?
a. Mitosis
b. Glycogenesis
c. Apoptosis
d. Meiosis

34. C3H8 + ________ O2 ======= 3CO + 4H2O . Which of the following balances the reaction above?
a. 1
b. 7
c. 5
d. 3

35. which of the following blood vessels is the identified by the letter “K” in the image?
a. Pulmonary vein
b. Aorta
c. Pulmonary artery
d. Inferior vena cava

36. Which portion of the autonomic nervous system is responsible for an increased heart rate?
a. Sympathetic
b. Central
c. Parasympathetic
d. Enteric

37. Permanent damage to which of the following types of tissues in the spinal cord will cause paralysis?
a. Muscle tissue
b. Nervous Tissues
c. Bone tissue
d. Connective tissue

38. Which of the following diseases is caused by immune system attacking the body’s nervous system?
a. Pneumonia
b. Muscular dystrophy
c. Tuberculosis
d. Multiple sclerosis

39. Which of the following is the appropriate prefix to measure the amount of space taken up?
a. Mili
b. Deca
c. Kilo
d. Micro

40. In addition to oxygen and carbon dioxide, the circulatory system is the primary delivery system for
a. cerebrospinal fluid
b. exocrine secretions
c. biliary fluids
d. endocrine hormones

41. a biology class wants to perform an experiment to investigate the effect of different colors of light of green, yellow, red and clear cellophane and plant three seeds in each one. What part do the three seeds experiment?
a. Confounding variables
b. Independent variables
c. Control variables
d. Dependent variables
42. Iodine directly helps which of the following glands to function properly?
a. Pancreas
b. Thyroid
c. Adrenal
d. Pituitary

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